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Cullen, Jim - A Short History of the Modern Media, ebook

A Short History of the Modern Media

Cullen, Jim


A Short History of the Modern Media presents a concise history of the major media of the last 150 years, including print, stage, film, radio, television, sound recording, and the Internet.Offers a compact, teaching-friendly presentation of the

Delap, Lucy - Feminist Media History, ebook

Feminist Media History

Delap, Lucy


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Challenges and Contributions of Feminist Media History
Maria DiCenzo, Lucy Delap, Leila Ryan
2. Introduction
Maria DiCenzo, Lucy Delap, Leila Ryan
3. Introduction
Maria DiCenzo
4. Unity and Dissent: Official Organs of the Suffrage Campaign
Maria DiCenzo

Ogola, George - Popular Media in Kenyan History, ebook

Popular Media in Kenyan History

Ogola, George


Table of contents
1. Popular Anxieties, Popular Expressions: An Introduction
George Ogola
2. Re-reading the ‘Popular’ in African Popular Culture
George Ogola
3. Recuperating the ‘Popular’ in Kenyan Literature
George Ogola

Meyers, Oren - On Media Memory, ebook

On Media Memory

Meyers, Oren


On Media Memory: Editors’ Introduction
1. On Media Memory: Editors’ Introduction
Motti Neiger, Oren Meyers, Eyal Zandberg
Part I. Media Memory: Theory and Methodologies

El-Richani, Sarah - The Lebanese Media, ebook

The Lebanese Media

El-Richani, Sarah


Theoretical Overview: Comparative Media Studies and the Lebanese State
Sarah El-Richani
3. Anatomy of the Lebanese Media
Sarah El-Richani
4. Moving Beyond: Amended Dimensions, Salient Factors—An Emerging Model
Sarah El-Richani
5. Conclusions,

Niemeyer, Katharina - Media and Nostalgia, ebook

Media and Nostalgia

Niemeyer, Katharina


Networks as Media for Nostalgia in an Organisational Context
Thibaut Bardon, Emmanuel Josserand, Florence Villesèche
9. Media and the Closure of the Memory Boom
Andrew Hoskins
Part III. Screened Nostalgias
10. Nostalgia Is Not What It Used to Be:

Kaul, Chandrika - Media and the British Empire, ebook

Media and the British Empire

Kaul, Chandrika


The Media and the Exile of Seretse Khama: The Bangwato vs. the British in Bechuanaland, 1948–56
Susan Williams
6. Ernest Jones’ Mutiny: The People’s Paper, English Popular Politics and the Indian Rebellion 1857–58
Tim Pratt
7. Writing to the

McCosker, Anthony - Intensive Media, ebook

Intensive Media

McCosker, Anthony


Table of contents
1. Pain: Aversive Affects and Micropolitics
Anthony McCosker
2. War: Visual Brutality and Affective Vectors
Anthony McCosker
3. Torture: Obscenity and Complicity
Anthony McCosker
4. Disaster: Intensive Encounters

Christensen, Miyase - Cosmopolitanism and the Media, ebook

Cosmopolitanism and the Media

Christensen, Miyase


Transnational Media Flows: Globalization, Politics and Identity
Miyase Christensen, André Jansson
5. Transclusion versus Demediation: Mediatization and the Re-embedding of Cosmopolitanism
Miyase Christensen, André Jansson
6. Cities, Embodied Expressivity