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Russell, Adrienne - Journalism as Activism: Recoding Media Power, ebook

Journalism as Activism: Recoding Media Power

Russell, Adrienne


Adrienne Russell reports on media power from one of the most vibrant corners of the journalism field, the corner where journalists and activists from countries around the world cross digital streams and end up updating media practices

Mutsvairo, Bruce - Digital Activism in the Social Media Era, ebook

Digital Activism in the Social Media Era

Mutsvairo, Bruce


Engaging in Polarized Society: Social Media and Political Discourse in Ethiopia
Iginio Gagliardone, Matti Pohjonen
3. Baba Jukwa and the Digital Repertoires of Connective Action in a ‘Competitive Authoritarian Regime’: The Case of Zimbabwe
Admire Mare

Lichtenfels, Peter - Performance, Politics and Activism, ebook

Performance, Politics and Activism

Lichtenfels, Peter


Zooming In and Out: Tactical Media Performance in Transnational Contexts
Marcela A. Fuentes
4. The Role of Theatre in the Breaking and Making of Two African Nations: Ethiopia and Eritrea, 1916–2011
Jane Plastow
5. For the Eyes of the Dear Father:

Meyers, Oren - On Media Memory, ebook

On Media Memory

Meyers, Oren


On Media Memory: Editors’ Introduction
1. On Media Memory: Editors’ Introduction
Motti Neiger, Oren Meyers, Eyal Zandberg
Part I. Media Memory: Theory and Methodologies

Ackerman, Galia - Femen, ebook


Ackerman, Galia


But thanks to extraordinary media coverage, the movement is gaining imitators and supporters in France, Germany, Brazil and elsewhere.
Inna, Sasha, Oksana and Anna have an extraordinary story and here they tell it in their own words, and at the same time express

Jalil, Zubaidah Abdul - Media in the Middle East, ebook

Media in the Middle East

Jalil, Zubaidah Abdul


On Media Activism and Political Involvement
1. Revisiting Cyberactivism Six Years after the Arab Spring: Potentials, Limitations and Future Prospects
Sahar Khamis
2. Constructing an Alternative Public Sphere: The Cultural