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Jess, Andreas - Chemical Technology: An Integral Textbook, ebook

Chemical Technology: An Integral Textbook

Jess, Andreas


As such, this work combines the four disciplines of chemical technology -- chemistry, thermal and mechanical unit operations, chemical reaction engineering and general chemical technology -- and is organized into two main parts.

Kalcsics, Jörg - Operations Research Proceedings 2007, ebook

Operations Research Proceedings 2007

Kalcsics, Jörg


Greedy Heuristics and Weight-Coded EAs for Multidimensional Knapsack Problems and Multi-Unit Combinatorial Auctions
Jella Pfeiffer, Franz Rothlauf
25. A Metaheuristic for the Periodic Location-Routing Problem
Caroline Prodhon
26. A New Formulation of

Pokorski, Mieczyslaw - Neurobiology of Respiration, ebook

Neurobiology of Respiration

Pokorski, Mieczyslaw


Prevalence of Acute Respiratory Tract Diseases Among Soldiers Deployed for Military Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan
K. Korzeniewski, Aneta Nitsch-Osuch, M. Konarski, A. Guzek, E. Prokop, K. Bieniuk
19. In Vitro Susceptibility of Staphylococci

Nee, Andrew Y. C. - Re-engineering Manufacturing for Sustainability, ebook

Re-engineering Manufacturing for Sustainability

Nee, Andrew Y. C.


Applying Unit Process Life Cycle Inventory (UPLCI) Methodology in Product/Packaging Combinations
Ellen Oude Luttikhuis, Marten E. Toxopeus, Michael Overcash
4. Towards an Increased User Focus in Life Cycle Engineering
Johannes Daae, Casper Boks
5. Quantitative

Luo, Jianbin - Advanced Tribology, ebook

Advanced Tribology

Luo, Jianbin


Fretting Corrosion Wear of Synergy between Mechanical and Electrochemical for Biomaterials in Hanks Balanced Salt Solution
Li Ji-wu, A. Iwabuchi
92. Torsional Fretting Behaviors of UHMWPE against Different Counter-Bodies
Z. B. Cai, J. Yu, Z. R. Zhou, M.