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Constantopoulos, Panos - Enterprise Information Systems, ebook

Enterprise Information Systems

Constantopoulos, Panos


HiL?X: A System for Semantic Information Extraction from Web Documents
Massimo Ruffolo, Marco Manna
14. Skill-Profile Matching with Similarity Measures
Ernst Biesalski, Andreas Abecker
15. Comparing and Evaluating Ontology Construction in an Enterprise

Papadopoulos, George Angelos - Information Systems Development, ebook

Information Systems Development

Papadopoulos, George Angelos


The Solution Space Organization: Linking Information Systems Architecture and Reuse
Salem Ben Dhaou Dakhli
12. Designing Cognition-Adaptive Human–Computer Interface for Mission-Critical Systems
Yu Shi, Eric Choi, Ronnie Taib, Fang Chen
13. Conceptual

Spagnoletti, Paolo - Organizational Change and Information Systems, ebook

Organizational Change and Information Systems

Spagnoletti, Paolo


Antecedents of Willingness to Share Information on Enterprise Social Networks
Paul Leroy, Capucine Defert, Amaury Hocquet, Frank Goethals, Johan Maes
12. Effects of Networking Activities by Internet on the Creation of a Business Network: Experimental Results

Choroś, Kazimierz - Multimedia and Network Information Systems, ebook

Multimedia and Network Information Systems

Choroś, Kazimierz


Multiple Information Communication in Voice-Based Interaction
Muhammad Abu Fazal, M. Shuaib Karim
10. Separability Assessment of Selected Types of Vehicle-Associated Noise
Adam Kurowski, Karolina Marciniuk, Bożena Kostek
11. Popular Brain Computer

Hesselbach, Jürgen - Functional Thinking for Value Creation, ebook

Functional Thinking for Value Creation

Hesselbach, Jürgen


Communicating the Value of PSS Design Alternatives using Color-Coded CAD Models
Alessandro Bertoni, Marco Bertoni, Ola Isaksson
12. Influences of the IPS2 Business Model on the Development of a Micro Milling Spindle
Eckart Uhlmann, Christian Gabriel, Niels