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Carbone, Paolo - Modern Measurements: Fundamentals and Applications, ebook

Modern Measurements: Fundamentals and Applications

Carbone, Paolo


This book is a collection of chapters linked together by a logical framework aimed at exploring the modern role of the measurement science in both the technically most advanced applications and in everyday life
Provides a unique methodological approach to understanding modern

Smith, Cecil L. - Basic Process Measurements, ebook

Basic Process Measurements

Smith, Cecil L.

From 91,50€

A unique resource for process measurement
Basic Process Measurements provides a unique resource explaining the industrial measuring devices that gauge such key variables as temperature, pressure, density, level, and flow. With an emphasis on the most commonly installed technologies,

Dumke, Reiner - Software Measurement, ebook

Software Measurement

Dumke, Reiner


Making Measurement a Success — A Primer
3. Measurement Foundations
4. Planning the Measurement Process
5. Performing the Measurement Process
6. Introducing a Measurement Program
7. Estimation of Size, Effort and Cost
8. Project Management

Fridman, A.E. - The Quality of Measurements, ebook

The Quality of Measurements

Fridman, A.E.


Methods for Estimation of Measurement Results and Their Uncertainties
A. E. Fridman
5. The International System of Units: SI
A. E. Fridman
6. Measurement Assurance
A. E. Fridman
7. Verification and Calibration Intervals of Measuring Instruments

Tonchia, Stefano - Performance Measurement, ebook

Performance Measurement

Tonchia, Stefano


Performance Measurement and Indicators
Stefano Tonchia, Luca Quagini
2. Cost and Productivity Performances
Stefano Tonchia, Luca Quagini
3. Non-cost Performances
Stefano Tonchia, Luca Quagini
4. Performance Measurement Systems
Stefano Tonchia,

Gupta, S. V. - Units of Measurement, ebook

Units of Measurement

Gupta, S. V.


Table of contents
1. Metrology Through Ages
S. V. Gupta
2. System of Quantities and Units
S. V. Gupta
3. Various Systems of Units
S. V. Gupta
4. Metre Convention and Evolution of Base Units
S. V. Gupta
5. Realization of Base Units
S. V. Gupta
6. Derived Quantities and Their Units

Kutz, Myer - Handbook of Measurement in Science and Engineering, Volume 3, ebook

Handbook of Measurement in Science and Engineering, Volume 3

Kutz, Myer


A multidisciplinary reference of engineering measurement tools, techniques, and applications
"When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it; but when you cannot measure it, when you cannot express it in numbers, your knowledge