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Bech, Per - Measurement-Based Care in Mental Disorders, ebook

Measurement-Based Care in Mental Disorders

Bech, Per


Negative Mental Health: The Ordinary Mental Disorders. Categories Versus Dimensions
Per Bech
2. The Basic Diagram of Personality Dimensions
Per Bech
3. Self-reported Symptom State Scales Derived from the SCL-90
Per Bech
4. Clinician-Administered

Hurwitz, Brian - Health Care Errors and Patient Safety, ebook

Health Care Errors and Patient Safety

Hurwitz, Brian


The detection, reporting, measurement, and minimization of medical errors and harms is now a core requirement in clinical organizations throughout developed societies. This book focuses on this major new area in health care.

 - Audit and Accounting Guide: Health Care Entities, 2018, ebook

Audit and Accounting Guide: Health Care Entities, 2018


Considered the industry's standard resource, this guide helps accountants and financial managers understand the complexities of the specialized accounting and regulatory requirements of the health care industry. Updated for 2018, this edition has been