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Luukkonen, Kauko - The Ultimate Meaning of Life, ebook

The Ultimate Meaning of Life

Luukkonen, Kauko


As we all know, the dilemma of comprehending the meaning of life has intrigued both the humans and the humanity ever since the start of existence. However, it seems there is only a few who have claimed having realized this meaning.

Hicks, Joshua A. - The Experience of Meaning in Life, ebook

The Experience of Meaning in Life

Hicks, Joshua A.


The Four Needs for Meaning, the Value Gap, and How (and Whether) Society Can Fill the Void
A. Will Crescioni, Roy F. Baumeister
2. A Terror Management Perspective on the Creation and Defense of Meaning
Daniel Sullivan, Spee Kosloff, Jeff Greenberg

Holley, David M. - Meaning and Mystery: What It Means To Believe in God, ebook

Meaning and Mystery: What It Means To Believe in God

Holley, David M.


Meaning and Mystery offers a challenge to the way Philosophy has traditionally approached the issue of belief in God as a theoretical problem, proposing instead a form of reflection more appropriate to the practical nature of the issue. Makes use of abundant illustrative material, from both

Raud, Rein - Meaning in Action: Outline of an Integral Theory of Culture, ebook

Meaning in Action: Outline of an Integral Theory of Culture

Raud, Rein


In this important new book Rein Raud develops an original theory of culture understood as a loose and internally contradictory system of texts and practices that are shared by intermittent groups of people and used by them to make sense of their life-worlds. This theory views culture simultaneously

Haldane, John - Seeking Meaning and Making Sense, ebook

Seeking Meaning and Making Sense

Haldane, John


Collection of short essays that range across philosophy, politics, general culture, morality, science, religion and art, focusing on questions of meaning, value and understanding.

Eagleton, Terry - The Meaning of Life: A Very Short Introduction, ebook

The Meaning of Life: A Very Short Introduction

Eagleton, Terry


We have all wondered about the meaning of life. Is there an answer? Is it up to us? Or is the question a bogus one? Terry Eagleton takes a witty, stimulating look at this most compelling of questions - and proposes his own answer. - ;'Philosophers have

Shervington, Martin - LIFE, ebook


Shervington, Martin


Life: You can't stop the waves but you can learn how to surf guides people from a state where they may feel 'uncertain' about themselves and their lives to a place where they can rest comfortably with the experience of self-awareness. So, why buy this

Duve, Christian de - Life Evolving : Molecules, Mind, and Meaning, ebook

Life Evolving : Molecules, Mind, and Meaning

Duve, Christian de


In just a half century, humanity has made an astounding leap in its understanding of life. Now, one of the giants of biological science, Christian de Duve, discusses what we've learned in this half century, ranging from the tiniest cells to the future of our species and of life

Alexander, Jeffrey C. - The Meanings of Social Life : A Cultural Sociology, ebook

The Meanings of Social Life : A Cultural Sociology

Alexander, Jeffrey C.


Introduction: The Meanings of (Social) Life: On the Origins of a Cultural Sociology 1. The Strong Program in Cultural Sociology: Elements of a Structural Hermeneutics (with Phillip Smith) 2. On the Social Construction of Moral Universals: The "Holocaust" from War Crime to Trauma Drama