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Shakespeare, William - Macbeth, ebook


Shakespeare, William


Shakespeare's classic tragedy of evil magic, destiny and regicide in 16th century Scotland. Often known as 'The Scottish Play', due to a long-standing traditional superstition about naming the play.

Lunn, Joshua O. - Mapping Queer Space(s) of Praxis and Pedagogy, ebook

Mapping Queer Space(s) of Praxis and Pedagogy

Lunn, Joshua O.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Mapping Queer Space(s)
Section I. Que(e)rying the Academy
2. Queer Acknowledgments
Branden Buehler, Roxanne Samer
3. Queer Settlers in a One-Room Schoolhouse: A Decolonial Queerscape Pedagogy
Garrett W. Nichols
4. Queering the First-Year Composition Student (and Teacher):