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Gustafsson, Siv - Education and Postponement of Maternity, ebook

Education and Postponement of Maternity

Gustafsson, Siv


The Family Earnings Gap and Postponement of Maternity in the United States
Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes, Jean Kimmel
8. Household Consumption, Saving and Employment Around the Time of Births in The Netherlands
Adriaan Kalwij
9. Family Formation in East

Byrom, Sheena - Essential Midwifery Practice: Public Health, ebook

Essential Midwifery Practice: Public Health

Byrom, Sheena


Essential Midwifery Practice: Public Health highlights how public health underpins every midwife's practice by using examples and case histories. It addresses a wide range of public health issues pertinent to every midwife, including: smoking in pregnancy,…

Mander, Rosemary - Supportive Care and Midwifery, ebook

Supportive Care and Midwifery

Mander, Rosemary


This book considers the broad range of support given to mothers including social, psychological and clinical. It also looks at the provision of this service and how different models have been set up internationally to fulfill this important function.…

Jenkins, Rosemary - The Law and the Midwife, ebook

The Law and the Midwife

Jenkins, Rosemary


The second edition of this successful text is an essential and accessible guide to legal aspects of midwifery for all midwife supervisors, midwives, and midwifery students. Midwives will find this book provides them with the knowledge and understanding…