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Cetrulo, Curtis L. - Perinatal Stem Cells, ebook

Perinatal Stem Cells

Cetrulo, Curtis L.


Perinatal Stem Cells, 2nd Edition builds on the first edition to provide an updated tutorial on perinatal stem cells, including stem cells harvested from the amniotic fluid, placenta, maternal blood supply, umbilical

Elwell, Clare E. - Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXXVII, ebook

Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXXVII

Elwell, Clare E.


Do Two Tissue Blood Volume Parameters Measured by Different Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Methods Show the Same Dynamics During Incremental Running?
Takuya Osawa, Takuma Arimitsu, Hideyuki Takahashi
4. Underwater Near-Infrared Spectroscopy: Muscle Oxygen Changes