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Frosh, Stephen - Young Masculinities, ebook

Young Masculinities

Frosh, Stephen


Young Masculinities Understanding Boys in Contemporary Society How do boys see themselves? Their peers? The adult world? What are their aspirations? Their fears? Centring on a study in which boys talked openly about such issues as their relationships with parents and friends, 'hardness',

Arnold, John H. - What is Masculinity?, ebook

What is Masculinity?

Arnold, John H.


The History of Masculinity: An Outdated Concept?
John Tosh
3. Can the Hegemon Speak? Reading Masculinity through Anthropology
Diederik F. Janssen
4. The Whig Interpretation of Masculinity?

Reeser, Todd W. - Masculinities in Theory: An Introduction, ebook

Masculinities in Theory: An Introduction

Reeser, Todd W.


Masculinities in Theory is a clear, concise, and comprehensive introduction to the field of masculinity studies from a humanities perspective.  
Serves as a much-needed introduction to the field for students and scholars of cultural

Jeffers, Jennifer M. - Beckett’s Masculinity, ebook

Beckett’s Masculinity

Jeffers, Jennifer M.


Traumatized Masculinity and Beckett’s Return
Jennifer M. Jeffers
3. The Masculine Protest: Murphy and Watt
Jennifer M. Jeffers
4. Return in the Postwar Fiction
Jennifer M. Jeffers
5. Embodying Lost Masculinity

Armengol, Josep M. - Masculinities in Black and White, ebook

Masculinities in Black and White

Armengol, Josep M.


Slavery in Black and White: White Masculinity as Enslaving in the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
Josep M. Armengol
3. Of Gray Vapors and Creeping Clouds: White (Male) Privilege as Blinding in Herman Melville’s “Benito Cereno”
Josep M.

Champagne, John - Italian Masculinity as Queer Melodrama, ebook

Italian Masculinity as Queer Melodrama

Champagne, John


Introduction: Italian Masculinity and Melodrama
John Champagne
2. Caravaggio and the Melodramatic Sensibility
John Champagne
3. Caravaggio’s Melodramatic Male Bodies
John Champagne
4. Tosca and Social Melodrama
John Champagne
5. Puccini’s

Rose, Sonya O. - What is Gender History?, ebook

What is Gender History?

Rose, Sonya O.


She highlights the significance of race, class and ethnicity for how gender affects society, culture and politics as well as delving into histories of masculinity. The author discusses in a clear and straightforward manner the various methods and approaches used by

Emig, Rainer - Performing Masculinity, ebook

Performing Masculinity

Emig, Rainer


Touching Byron: Masculinity and the Celebrity Body in the Romantic Period
Diego Saglia
3. Turning into Subjects: The Male Dancer in Romantic Ballet
Gerald Siegmund
4. Industrial Heroes: Elizabeth Gaskell and Charlotte Brontë’s Constructions of the

Mallett, Phillip - The Victorian Novel and Masculinity, ebook

The Victorian Novel and Masculinity

Mallett, Phillip


Working- Class Masculinity and the Victorian Novel
Chris Louttit
3. Dickens and Masculinity: The Necessity of the Nurturing Male
Natalie Mcknight
4. Tomboys and Girly Boys in George Eliot’s Early Fiction