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Frosh, Stephen - Young Masculinities, ebook

Young Masculinities

Frosh, Stephen


Young Masculinities Understanding Boys in Contemporary Society How do boys see themselves? Their peers? The adult world? What are their aspirations? Their fears? Centring on a study in which boys talked openly about such issues as their relationships with parents and friends, 'hardness',

Reeser, Todd W. - Masculinities in Theory: An Introduction, ebook

Masculinities in Theory: An Introduction

Reeser, Todd W.


Masculinities in Theory is a clear, concise, and comprehensive introduction to the field of masculinity studies from a humanities perspective.  
Serves as a much-needed introduction to the field for students and scholars of cultural studies, literature, art, film, communication,

Hanlon, Niall - Masculinities, Care and Equality, ebook

Masculinities, Care and Equality

Hanlon, Niall


Table of contents
1. Care in Masculinities Studies
Niall Hanlon
2. Gendered Care Practices
Niall Hanlon
3. Masculinities and Care
Niall Hanlon
4. Masculinities and Emotions
Niall Hanlon
5. Nurturing Femininities
Niall Hanlon
6. Breadwinner Masculinities
Niall Hanlon
7. Nurturing

Armengol, Josep M. - Masculinities in Black and White, ebook

Masculinities in Black and White

Armengol, Josep M.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Josep M. Armengol
2. Slavery in Black and White: White Masculinity as Enslaving in the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
Josep M. Armengol
3. Of Gray Vapors and Creeping Clouds: White (Male)…

Hall, Matthew - Metrosexual Masculinities, ebook

Metrosexual Masculinities

Hall, Matthew


Metrosexual Masculinities through the Lens of Discursive Approaches
Matthew Hall
3. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Trends in Men’s Image-Conscious Practices
Matthew Hall
4. Body Image: I Can Work with That
Matthew Hall
5. Masculinities: Before

Meyer, Anneke - Gender and Popular Culture, ebook

Gender and Popular Culture

Meyer, Anneke


This book examines the role of popular culture in the construction of gendered identities in contemporary society. It draws on a wide range of popular cultural forms - including popular music, newspapers and television - to illustrate how femininity and…

Morrell, Robert - African Masculinities, ebook

African Masculinities

Morrell, Robert


African Masculinities: An Introduction
Robert Morrell, Lahoucine Ouzgane
I. Interpreting Masculinities
2. A Grammar of Black Masculinity: A Body of Science
Arthur F. Saint-Aubin
3. Somewhere, over the Rainbow: Cape Town, South Africa, as a “Gay

Landreau, John C. - Queer Masculinities, ebook

Queer Masculinities

Landreau, John C.


Queer Masculinities in Education: An Introduction
John C. Landreau, Nelson M. Rodriguez
2. Queering Masculinities in Male Teachers’ Lives
Wayne Martino
3. Queer Masculinities,

Crowley, Vicki - Disability and Masculinities, ebook

Disability and Masculinities

Crowley, Vicki


Intersex Men, Masculinities and ‘Disabled’ Penises
Stephen Kerry
Part III. (Re)presentation
5. More Than Puddles: Disability and Masculinity in Alan Marshall’s I Can Jump Puddles
Dylan Holdsworth
6. Media Representations of Disabled Veterans