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Weir, Andy - Yksin Marsissa, ebook

Yksin Marsissa

Weir, Andy


Kuusi päivää aiemmin astronautti Mark Watneyn oli tarkoitus olla yksi ensimmäisistä ihmisistä Marsissa. Nyt hän on varmasti ensimmäinen ihminen, joka kuolee siellä. Ares 3:n miehistö joutuu hiekkamyrskyyn. Evakuoinnin aikana Markin avaruuspuku vaurioituu, ja muut luulevat hänen

Mars, Sarah G. - The Politics of Addiction, ebook

The Politics of Addiction

Mars, Sarah G.


7. Unifying Hierarchs and Fragmenting Individualists: Three Professional Groups
Sarah G. Mars
8. Guidelines and the Licensing Question
Sarah G. Mars
9. Conclusion

Cowlin, Chris - The Bruno Mars Quiz Book, ebook

The Bruno Mars Quiz Book

Cowlin, Chris


Are you a fan of Bruno Mars? If so, do you know how he came by his stage name? What was his debut album called and what are the titles of his best-selling singles? If you think you know all about the talented American singer-songwriter or would like to find out more, The Bruno Mars

PLETSER, Vladimir - On To Mars!, ebook

On To Mars!

PLETSER, Vladimir


The Arctic During—Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station Diary
Vladimir Pletser
3. The Arctic After—What Have We Learned from This Simulation?
Vladimir Pletser
Part II. The Desert
4. The Desert Before
Vladimir Pletser
5. The Desert During—

Badescu, Viorel - Mars, ebook


Badescu, Viorel


Power System Options for Mars Surface Exploration: Past, Present and Future
Simon D. Fraser
2. Available Solar Energy and Weather Forecasting on Mars Surface
Viorel Badescu
3. Weather Influence on PV Solar Cells Operation on Mars
Viorel Badescu

Hotakainen, Markus - Mars, ebook


Hotakainen, Markus


Table of contents
2. Fourth Rock from the Sun
Markus Hotakainen
3. God of War, Heavenly Body
Markus Hotakainen
4. Martian Canal Engineers
Markus Hotakainen
5. Planetary Ups and Downs
Markus Hotakainen
6. Unidentical Twins
Markus Hotakainen
7. The New Mars
Markus Hotakainen

Baxter, Stephen - Pitkä Mars, ebook

Pitkä Mars

Baxter, Stephen


" Vanha" Maa on Yellowstonen purkauksen jäljiltä kriisissä ja kokonaiset kansakunnat evakuoituvat Pitkään Maahan. Joshua Valienté, Lobsang ja Sally Linsay osallistuvat kriisin selvittelyyn kukin tavallaan. Sitten Sally Linsay saa yllättäen yhteyden…

Lele, Ajey - Mission Mars, ebook

Mission Mars

Lele, Ajey


Table of contents
Part I. Prelude
1. Introduction
Ajey Lele
2. Why Mars?
Ajey Lele
3. Discerning Mars
Ajey Lele
Part II. India and Mars Agenda
4. Indian Multidimensional Space Plan
Ajey Lele
5. Mars Orbiter Mission
Ajey Lele
6. Asia’s Investments in Mars
Ajey Lele

Burroughs, Edgar Rice - The Gods of Mars, ebook

The Gods of Mars

Burroughs, Edgar Rice


The Gods of Mars is the second of the famous Barsoom series. It was first published in All Story as a five part serial in the issues for January May 1913. It was later published as a complete novel by A. C. McClurg in September, 1918. At the end of the first book, A Princess of Mars,