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Gaskell, Elizabeth - The Manchester Marriage, ebook

The Manchester Marriage

Gaskell, Elizabeth


Gaskell’s The Manchester Marriage tells about Mr. and Mrs. Openshaw who have to move from Manchester to London for business. The story tells about their marriage after Alice, now Mrs. Openshaw, was left alone with a child and without livelihoods. One

Bruckner, Pascal - Has Marriage for Love Failed?, ebook

Has Marriage for Love Failed?

Bruckner, Pascal


Today we like to think that marriage is a free choice based on love: that we freely choose whom to marry and that we do so, not so much for survival or social advantage, but for love. The invention of marriage for love inverted the old relationship between

Balzac, Honoré de - A Woman of Thirty, ebook

A Woman of Thirty

Balzac, Honoré de


Julie ignores her father's comments, and Victor and Julie end up marrying - but the marriage is not anything like Julie expected it to be.

Balzac, Honoré de - Lost Illusions, ebook

Lost Illusions

Balzac, Honoré de


Lucien Chardon is a young man who wants nothing more than to become a notable poet. He lives in a small village, and it is not the place for an aspiring writer. When a married lady Madame de Bargeton offers Lucien help, he is more than ready to move…

Clum, John M. - The Drama of Marriage, ebook

The Drama of Marriage

Clum, John M.


Love or Marriage: Sir Noël Coward and Sir Terence Rattigan
John M. Clum
5. Emlyn Williams: Growing into Marriage
John M. Clum
6. Clyde Fitch and George Kelly: Spunky American Wives and Domestic Monsters
John M. Clum
7. 1950s Marriages

Fukuda, Nobutaka - Marriage and Fertility Behaviour in Japan, ebook

Marriage and Fertility Behaviour in Japan

Fukuda, Nobutaka


Economic and Ideational Theories of Marriage and Fertility Behaviour
Nobutaka Fukuda
3. Economic Change, Value Shift and Marriage Behaviour
Nobutaka Fukuda
4. Economic Change, Value Shift and Fertility Behaviour
Nobutaka Fukuda
5. Stability