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Middleton, Simon - What You Need to Know About Marketing, ebook

What You Need to Know About Marketing

Middleton, Simon


Marketing is shrouded in arcane mystery and buzzwords. It frightens many and bewilders others. Yet every business, from the hand-car-wash by the side of the road, to the world's most famous brands, engage in marketing every single day. This is an essential,

Kermally, Sultan - Gurus On Marketing, ebook

Gurus On Marketing

Kermally, Sultan


One stop résumé of the major 'gurus' who have had a critical influence on marketing thinking and development. This is much more than just a series of summaries, Sultan has worked directly with many of the figures in this book. It's enabled him to summarise, contrast and comment on the

Tybout, Alice - Kellogg on Marketing, ebook

Kellogg on Marketing

Tybout, Alice


The business classic, fully revised and updated for today's marketers

The second edition of Kellogg on Marketing provides a unique and highly regarded perspective on both the basics of marketing and on new issues that are challenging businesses