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Paley, Norton - Desktop Guide: The Marketing Strategy, ebook

Desktop Guide: The Marketing Strategy

Paley, Norton


A comprehensive understanding of the key tools and techniques behind any marketing strategy is essential to every business. Written in a clear, practical style this book covers the management of your: · Markets ·

Ploetner, Olaf - Counter Strategies in Global Markets, ebook

Counter Strategies in Global Markets

Ploetner, Olaf


Table of contents
1. The new competition
Olaf Ploetner
2. On war and strategies
Olaf Ploetner
3. No-frills technology
Olaf Ploetner
4. Complex service solutions
Olaf Ploetner
5. Perspectives
Olaf Ploetner

Anson, Mark J. P. - Market Neutral Strategies, ebook

Market Neutral Strategies

Anson, Mark J. P.


An inside view of what makes market neutral strategies tick and how they can be implemented
Market neutral strategies have gained attention for their potential to deliver positive returns regardless of the direction of underlying markets. As