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Wigal, Donald - Historic Maritime Maps, ebook

Historic Maritime Maps

Wigal, Donald


They also used hand-painted maps, which, although certainly summary, were marvellously well-drawn. In following the saga of old sailors, from Eric Le Rouge to Robert Peary, Donald Wigal leads us in discovering the New World. This magnificent overview of maps

Pe, Raffaele - Agogic Maps, ebook

Agogic Maps

Pe, Raffaele


Agogic Maps. A Topography of Sound Signals for Spatial Orientation and Configuration
Raffaele Pe

Unger, Richard W. - Ships on Maps, ebook

Ships on Maps

Unger, Richard W.


Making Maps without Ships, with Ships
Richard W. Unger
3. Mapping before the Renaissance
Richard W. Unger
4. Portolans and the Late Medieval Transition
Richard W. Unger
5. The Classical Revival, Printing and Maps
Richard W. Unger

Kanas, Nick - Star Maps, ebook

Star Maps

Kanas, Nick


Table of contents
1. What is a star map?
2. Non-European cosmology and constellation development
3. European cosmology
4. European constellation development
5. Early European star maps
6. The “Big Four” of the Golden Age of pictorial star maps
7. Other important star maps of the Golden Age
8. Special

Zentai, László - Maps for the Future, ebook

Maps for the Future

Zentai, László


The Transition from the Analytic to Synthesis Reasoning in the Maps of Geographic School Atlases for Children
Marcello Martinelli
8. How School Trips Modify the Pupils’ Representation of Space
Katarzyna Bogacz
9. Interpretation of Surface Features

Kanas, Nick - Solar System Maps, ebook

Solar System Maps

Kanas, Nick


Table of contents
1. World Views and the Solar System
Nick Kanas
2. Earth-Centered World Views in Classical Europe
Nick Kanas
3. Non-European World Views
Nick Kanas
4. Earth-Centered World Views in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Ifenthaler, Dirk - Digital Knowledge Maps in Education, ebook

Digital Knowledge Maps in Education

Ifenthaler, Dirk


Digital Knowledge Maps in Open, Distance, and Flexible Learning Contexts
1. Digital Knowledge Mapping in Educational Contexts
Ria Hanewald, Dirk Ifenthaler
2. Making Sense of Knowledge Integration Maps
Beat A. Schwendimann
3. Concept Maps

Walker, Mark - Route Maps in Gene Technology, ebook

Route Maps in Gene Technology

Walker, Mark


Route Maps in Gene Technology is an exciting new introductory textbook for first-year undergraduates in molecular biology and molecular genetics. The subject is broken down into 140 to 150 key concepts or topics, each of which is dealt with in one doublepaged spread. These range from basic