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Mair, Gordon - Essential Manufacturing, ebook

Essential Manufacturing

Mair, Gordon


An introduction to the manufacturing industry
Essential Manufacturing provides a comprehensive introduction to the wide breadth of the manufacturing industry.
There is a need for all engineering and business students to understand the importance

Howlett, Robert J. - Sustainable Design and Manufacturing 2016, ebook

Sustainable Design and Manufacturing 2016

Howlett, Robert J.


General Track 1: Sustainable Design, Innovation and Services
1. A New CAD Integrated Application to Support Designers and Increase Design Sustainability
Giampaolo Campana, Mattia Mele, Barbara Cimatti
2. A Conflict Analysis and Resolution Method Based on

Kühnle, Hermann - Distributed Manufacturing, ebook

Distributed Manufacturing

Kühnle, Hermann


Distributed Manufacturing: Paradigms, Concepts, Solutions and Examples
2. The Concurrent Product Development Process
Antonio Hidalgo, Fernando Aldana, Darius Singh
3. A Co-evolutionary Perspective on Distributed Manufacturing
Rob Dekkers
4. Flexibility

Ciszak, Olaf - Advances in Manufacturing, ebook

Advances in Manufacturing

Ciszak, Olaf


A Methodology of Improvement of Manufacturing Productivity Through Increasing Operational Efficiency of the Production Process
Justyna Trojanowska, Adam Kolinski, Dariusz Galusik, Maria L. R. Varela, Jose Machado
4. The Impact of Buffer Allocation in Assembly-Line

Xu, Xun - Advanced Design and Manufacturing Based on STEP, ebook

Advanced Design and Manufacturing Based on STEP

Xu, Xun


Table of contents
1. STEP in a Nutshell
Thomas Kramer, Xun Xu
2. Feature-based Process Planning Based on STEP
Thomas Kramer, Frederick Proctor
3. A Heuristic STEP-NC Based Process Planning Tool for Sequencing NC Machining Operations
Ulrich Berger, Ralf Kretzschmann, Klaus-Peter Arnold
4. STEPNC++ –

Lachmayer, Roland - Additive Manufacturing Quantifiziert, ebook

Additive Manufacturing Quantifiziert

Lachmayer, Roland


Additive Manufacturing als Baustein zur gestaltungsgerechten Produktentwicklung in der Fahrzeugelektronik am Beispiel automobiler Zugangssysteme
Tobias Heine
13. Additive Repair von Multimaterialsystemen im Selektiven Laserstrahlschmelzen
Yousif Amsad

Dornfeld, David - Precision Manufacturing, ebook

Precision Manufacturing

Dornfeld, David


Introduction to precision manufacturing
2. Machine design for precision manufacturing
3. Principles of measurement
4. Mechanical errors
5. Thermal errors
6. Error mapping and