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Bielefeld, Wolfgang - Managing Nonprofit Organizations, ebook

Managing Nonprofit Organizations

Bielefeld, Wolfgang


It shows how to lead, manage, govern, and structure effective and ethical nonprofit organizations. Managing Nonprofit Organizations reveals what it takes to be entrepreneurial and collaborative,

Rainey, Hal G. - Understanding and Managing Public Organizations, ebook

Understanding and Managing Public Organizations

Rainey, Hal G.


This revised edition of the best-selling text in the field includes a guiding framework of organizational analysis emphasizing the integration and coordination of the domains of the organization with the motivations, work attitudes, and behaviors of the people who lead them. Includes

Plugge, Albert - Managing Change in IT Outsourcing, ebook

Managing Change in IT Outsourcing

Plugge, Albert


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Albert Plugge
2. Overview of the Sourcing Background
Albert Plugge
3. Managing Change
Albert Plugge
4. Preliminary Research
Albert Plugge
5. Case Study: Domestic Provider
Albert Plugge
6. Case Study: Offshore Provider
Albert Plugge
7. Case Study:

Ferlie, Ewan - Managing Change, ebook

Managing Change

Ferlie, Ewan


Institutional Logics and Micro-processes in Organizations: A Multi-actor Perspective on Sickness Absence Management in Three Dutch Hospitals
Nicolette Gestel, Daniel Nyberg, Emmie Vossen
Part II. The Role of Professions in Change Processes
6. The Persistence

Beham, Barbara - Managing Diversity in Organizations, ebook

Managing Diversity in Organizations

Beham, Barbara


Managing demographic change and diversity in organizations: how feedback from coworkers moderates the relationship between age and innovative work behavior
Stefan Schaffer, Eric Kearney, Sven C. Voelpel, Ralf Koester
5. Gender and nationality pay gaps in light