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Billing, Fabian - Top 100 Management Tools, ebook

Top 100 Management Tools

Billing, Fabian


Total Quality Management (TQM) (Einführung)
Christian Schawel, Fabian Billing
89. Turnaround Management
Christian Schawel, Fabian Billing
90. Überzeugungstechniken
Christian Schawel, Fabian Billing
91. Unternehmenskulturmanagement

Cox, Andrew - The Right Tools for the Job, ebook

The Right Tools for the Job

Cox, Andrew


The Case For and Against the Use of Management Tools and Techniques
Andrew Cox, Chris Lonsdale, Joe Sanderson, Glyn Watson
Part I. Strategic Management
2. Tools and Techniques for Strategic Management
Andrew Cox,

Kondolf, G. Mathias - Tools in Fluvial Geomorphology, ebook

Tools in Fluvial Geomorphology

Kondolf, G. Mathias


  This book comprehensively reviews tools used in fluvial geomorphology, at a level suitable to guide the selection of research methods for a given question. Presenting an integrated approach to the interdisciplinary nature of the subject, it provides guidance for