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Altić, Mirela - Dissemination of Cartographic Knowledge, ebook

Dissemination of Cartographic Knowledge

Altić, Mirela


Between Secrecy and Silent Cooperation: The Dissemination of Knowledge About the Republic of Dubrovnik in the Context of the Ottoman–Venetian and Napoleonic Wars
Mirela Altić
6. Cartographic Exchange and Territorial Creation: Rewriting Northern Japan in

Snijkers, Ger - Designing and Conducting Business Surveys, ebook

Designing and Conducting Business Surveys

Snijkers, Ger


It uniquely integrates an understanding of how businesses operate, a total survey error approach to data quality that focuses specifically on business surveys, and sound project management principles. The book brings together what is currently known about planning,

Fendel, Elfriede M. - Geo-information for Disaster Management, ebook

Geo-information for Disaster Management

Fendel, Elfriede M.


ICT for Environmental Risk Management in the EU Research Context
Karen Fabbri, Guy Weets
5. Airborne Passive Microwave Radiometry for Emergency Response
Roland B. Haarbrink, Anatoly M. Shutko
6. Flood Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping in Vietnam