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Torry, Malcolm - The Feasibility of Citizen's Income, ebook

The Feasibility of Citizen's Income

Torry, Malcolm


Table of contents
1. Is a Citizen’s Income Desirable?
Malcolm Torry
2. Is a Citizen’s Income Feasible? And What Do We Mean by ‘Feasible’?
Malcolm Torry
3. Is a Citizen’s Income Financially Feasible? Part One: Fiscal Feasibility
Malcolm Torry
4. Is a Citizen’s Income Financially Feasible?

Philips, Malcolm - Jobsworth, ebook


Philips, Malcolm


Malcolm Philips was a reluctant bureaucrat. When it was suggested that he give up selling ice-cream and go to work for the council, he protested that it would be full of jobsworths, skivers and crawlers. Truth to tell, however, he quickly fitted in among what his boss described as all the

Gladwell, Malcolm - Leimahduspiste, ebook


Gladwell, Malcolm


Nyt jo klassikoksi muodostuneessa kirjassaan Leimahduspiste Malcolm Gladwell esittelee hätkähdyttäviä esimerkkejä tästä ilmiöstä ja sen valtavasta muutospotentiaalista yhteiskunnan kaikilla osa-alueilla, ei vähiten liike-elämässä.

MacLachlan, Malcolm - Maritime Psychology, ebook

Maritime Psychology

MacLachlan, Malcolm


Positive Psychology and Well-Being at Sea
Joanne McVeigh, Malcolm MacLachlan, Ralf Stilz, Henriette Cox, Niamh Doyle, Alistair Fraser, Marianne Dyer
3. Transferring Learning Across Safety-Critical Industries
Paul M. Liston, Alison Kay, Sam Cromie, Nick