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Salles, Maryse - Decision-Making and the Information System, ebook

Decision-Making and the Information System

Salles, Maryse


The purpose of this book is to question the relationships involved in decision making and the systems designed to support it: decision support systems (DSS). The focus is on how these systems are engineered; to stop and think about the questions to be asked throughout the engineering process

Jones, Dawna - Decision Making For Dummies, ebook

Decision Making For Dummies

Jones, Dawna


Discover the best approaches for making business decisions
Today's business leaders have to face the facts—you can't separate leadership from decision making. The importance of making decisions, no matter how

Hazell, Robert - Devolution, Law Making and the Constitution, ebook

Devolution, Law Making and the Constitution

Hazell, Robert


Law making is a primary function of government, and how well the three devolved UK legislatures exercise this function will be a crucial test of the whole devolution project. This book provides the first systematic study and authoritative data to start that assessment. It represents the

Wright, David - Privacy Impact Assessment, ebook

Privacy Impact Assessment

Wright, David


(Regulatory) Impact Assessment and Better Regulation
David Parker
4. Prior Checking, a Forerunner to Privacy Impact Assessments
Gwendal Grand, Emilie Barrau
5. PIAs in Australia: A Work-In-Progress Report
Roger Clarke
6. Privacy Impact

Buzdugan, Stephen - Impact of International Business, ebook

Impact of International Business

Buzdugan, Stephen


Introduction: Impact of International Business: Challenges and Solutions for Policy and Practice
Heinz Tüselmann, Stephen Buzdugan, Qi Cao, David Freund, Sougand Golesorkhi
Part I. The Impact of Locations, Institutions