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Keller, Nadine - Make It All About Them: Winning Sales Presentations, ebook

Make It All About Them: Winning Sales Presentations

Keller, Nadine


Make It All About Them reveals the truth behind the traditional rules of presentations and offers sales professionals a new way forward. It explains why focusing on three key points trumps a presentation full of details, why plain English always wins over jargon, why

Hickman, Richard - Why We Make Art and Why It Is Taught, ebook

Why We Make Art and Why It Is Taught

Hickman, Richard


Does art have any use or real purpose in today’s society? Why do governments around the world spend millions on art education? Rejecting the vogue for social and cultural accounts of the nature of art-making, this book is largely psychological in its approach to discussing art-making

Gunther, Robert E. - Wharton on Making Decisions, ebook

Wharton on Making Decisions

Gunther, Robert E.


Perspectives from leaders in decision science at Wharton
Organized in part through Wharton's Risk Management and Decision Processes Center, the book assembles leading researchers from Wharton's business faculty who demonstrate how to apply the latest approaches in decision-making from

Shipley, Ian - Making the Most of Your Creative Output, ebook

Making the Most of Your Creative Output

Shipley, Ian


Many people dream of making a business out of their creative talent, yet there are so many factors to consider - from copyright to royalty collection and everything in between! This quick-read guide from Ian Shipley gives the reader an introduction to making