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Adams, Jenni - Magic Realism in Holocaust Literature, ebook

Magic Realism in Holocaust Literature

Adams, Jenni


The Dream of the End of the World: Magic Realism and Holocaust History in Jonathan Safran Foer’s Everything Is Illuminated
Jenni Adams
3. Magic Realism and Dialogic Postmemory: David Grossman’s See Under: Love

Smith, Valerie - Toni Morrison: Writing the Moral Imagination, ebook

Toni Morrison: Writing the Moral Imagination

Smith, Valerie


This compelling study explores the inextricable links between the Nobel laureate’s aesthetic practice and her political vision, through an analysis of the key texts as well as her lesser-studied works, books for children, and most recent novels.…

Bennett, Robin - Angel of Mons, ebook

Angel of Mons

Bennett, Robin


"Ben’s father is in prison and his mum, a former child genius, is barely hanging on to her sanity. When Ben and his classmates are nearly killed in a coach crash in Belgium, Ben starts to experience flashbacks: visitations to the brutal start of World…

Bennett, Robin - Buk, ebook


Bennett, Robin


Nancy's mother is having a baby and it is making her ill; Nancy's father is angry with her mother because they can't afford the baby; Nancy is angry with everyone. Then she starts to see things ... things that should only happen in fairytales. Is Buk…

Goldsmith, Leo - Keywords in Subversive Film/Media Aesthetics, ebook

Keywords in Subversive Film/Media Aesthetics

Goldsmith, Leo


Keywords in Subversive Film/Media Aesthetics offers an exciting conversational journey through the overlying terrains of politically engaged art and artistically engaged politics. At once scholarly and entertaining, the book combines a major statement…

Page, Chris - Veneficus, ebook


Page, Chris


This is the beginning of an epic saga of books featuring the savage and brutal realism of Dark Ages conflict with domineering rulers and stardust legends. A veneficus is a Dark Ages hybrid of sorcerer, magician, hermit, alchemist, oracle, wizard and wax-pale ghost. Savage death stalks the

Smith, Kevin Paul - The Postmodern Fairytale, ebook

The Postmodern Fairytale

Smith, Kevin Paul


Architextual/Chronotopic Intertextuality and Magic Realism in Kate Atkinson’s Human Croquet
Kevin Paul Smith
4. Metafictive Intertextuality: Defining the ‘Storyteller’ Chronotope
Kevin Paul Smith
5. Battling

Rogers, Jane  - Good Fiction Guide, ebook

Good Fiction Guide

Rogers, Jane


Equally important, the guide includes 34 essays that illuminate genres such as Crime, Adventure, Romance, and Magic Realism, or offer intriguing looks at the national literatures of such places as Australia, India, and the Caribbean.

Bhagwati, Jagdish - In Defense of Globalization, ebook

In Defense of Globalization

Bhagwati, Jagdish


And to counter the charge that globalization leads to cultural hegemony, to a bland "McWorld," Bhagwati points to the example of Salman Rushdie, a writer who blends Bombay slang and impeccable English in novels touched by magic realism