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Klugman, Stuart A. - Loss Models: Further Topics, ebook

Loss Models: Further Topics

Klugman, Stuart A.


This book includes advanced material in actuarial modeling that goes beyond the material covered the Society of Actuaries Exam C (as covered in the Fourth Edition of Loss Models: From Data to Decisions). It is an essential reference for practicing actuaries

Klugman, Stuart A. - Loss Models: From Data to Decisions, ebook

Loss Models: From Data to Decisions

Klugman, Stuart A.


The book maintains an approach to modeling and forecasting that utilizes tools related to risk theory, loss distributions, and survival models. Random variables, basic distributional quantities, the recursive method, and techniques for classifying and creating distributions

Hogg, Robert V. - Loss Distributions, ebook

Loss Distributions

Hogg, Robert V.


Devoted to the problem of fitting parametric probability distributions to data, this treatment uniquely unifies loss modeling in one book. Data sets used are related to the insurance industry, but can be applied

Hayes, Read - Retail Security and Loss Prevention, ebook

Retail Security and Loss Prevention

Hayes, Read


Table of contents
Part I. Retail Risks: Problems and Solutions
1. Employee Deviance
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2. Managing Employee Honesty
Read Hayes
3. Vendor Theft and Error
Read Hayes
4. Controlling Cargo Theft and Supply Chain Loss
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5. Shoplifting
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6. Point-of-Sale Risks

Michener, William K. - Ecological Data: Design, Management and Processing, ebook

Ecological Data: Design, Management and Processing

Michener, William K.


Ecologists are increasingly tackling difficult issues like global change, loss of biodiversity and sustainability of ecosystem services. These and related topics are enormously challenging, requiring unprecedented multidisciplinary collaboration and rapid synthesis of large amounts of diverse