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Stanley, Henry Morton - How I Found Livingstone, ebook

How I Found Livingstone

Stanley, Henry Morton


In 1869, Sir Henry Morton Stanley was instructed by James Gordon Bennett Jr, the son of the founder of the New York Herald, to find the famous explorer David Livingstone, who no-one had seen for years after travelling to explore Africa. This is Stanley’s own fascinating account of his

Livingstone, Sonia - Children and the Internet, ebook

Children and the Internet

Livingstone, Sonia

From 33,50€

Is the internet really transforming children and young people’s lives? Is the so-called ‘digital generation’ genuinely benefiting from exciting new opportunities? And, worryingly, facing new risks?
This major new book by a leading researcher…

Grossman, Theodore - The Portable MBA in Finance and Accounting, ebook

The Portable MBA in Finance and Accounting

Grossman, Theodore


The most comprehensive and authoritative review of B-School fundamentals—from  top accounting and finance professors  
For years, the Portable MBA series has tracked the core curricula of leading business schools to teach you the fundamentals…

Dowden, Ken - A Companion to Greek Mythology, ebook

A Companion to Greek Mythology

Dowden, Ken


A Companion to Greek Mythology presents a series of essays that explore the phenomenon of Greek myth from its origins in shared Indo-European story patterns and the Greeks’ contacts with their Eastern Mediterranean neighbours through its development…

Livingstone, Ian - Aeolian Geomorphology: A New Introduction, ebook

Aeolian Geomorphology: A New Introduction

Livingstone, Ian


A revised introduction to aeolian geomorphology written by noted experts in the field
The new, revised and updated edition of Aeolian Geomorphology offers a concise and highly accessible introduction to the subject. The text covers the topics of deserts…

Livingstone, David J. - A Practical Guide to Scientific Data Analysis, ebook

A Practical Guide to Scientific Data Analysis

Livingstone, David J.


Inspired by the author's need for practical guidance in the processes of data analysis, A Practical Guide to Scientific Data Analysis has been written as a statistical companion for the working scientist.  This handbook of data analysis with worked examples…

Livingstone, D. W. - The Knowledge Economy and Lifelong Learning, ebook

The Knowledge Economy and Lifelong Learning

Livingstone, D. W.


Livingstone, David Guile
2. Beyond The Hype
Kenneth Carlaw, Les Oxley, Paul Walker, David Thorns, Michael Nuth
3. Mapping Knowledge in Work
Chris Warhurst, Paul Thompson
4. A Cultural Political Economy of Competitiveness
Bob Jessop
5. Debunking