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Cowlin, Chris - The Liverpool Quiz Book, ebook

The Liverpool Quiz Book

Cowlin, Chris


Is Liverpool your favourite football team? Have you watched every match? Are you an expert on all the facts, figures and fixtures that have shaped the club’s long history? Then the time has come to find out how much you really know about the people and places that have helped to define

White, Marc - 101 Things You May Not Have Known About Liverpool, ebook

101 Things You May Not Have Known About Liverpool

White, Marc


Brief Description: Liverpool FC is one of England’s most popular football teams with an army of loyal supporters and a long and successful history but how much information have you picked up about the club through the years? If you are a fan of the Reds or would like to find out more about

Porter, George - I Came Out Sideways, ebook

I Came Out Sideways

Porter, George


To one side of his family’s cramped home in Waterloo, were the terrors of the Liverpool slums, where they would surely end up if his father continued to bet on losers; to the other were the well-to-do who lived in council houses and had manners and ways of life that

Cowlin, Chris - Celebrities' Favourite Football Teams, ebook

Celebrities' Favourite Football Teams

Cowlin, Chris


We all like to delve into the minds and lives of our beloved celebrity figures, but this fascinating read is not celebrity gossip, it comes straight from the horse's mouth to reveal all you ever wanted to know about celebrities' favourite football teams…

Mason, Stan - In the Course of Time, ebook

In the Course of Time

Mason, Stan


Inge Ekland, a beautiful chambermaid in the High House of the Crown Prince is discovered in bed with him by the Queen who packs her, her husband and the four children off to Liverpool to prevent a royal scandal. The son of the Crown Prince is born halfway across the North Sea. Inge’s