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Sercombe, Peter - Language, Education and Nation-building, ebook

Language, Education and Nation-building

Sercombe, Peter


Language, Education and Nation-building in Southeast Asia: An Introduction
Ruanni Tupas, Peter Sercombe
2. Brunei Darussalam: Issues of Language, Identity and Education
Peter Sercombe
3. Diversity and ‘Development’:

Frank, Marietta A. - Internationalism in Children’s Series, ebook

Internationalism in Children’s Series

Frank, Marietta A.


Our Girls in the Family of Nations: Girls’ Culture and Empire in Victorian Girls’ Magazines
Janis Dawson
Part II. Syndicates, Empires, and Politics
4. The Stratemeyer Chums Have Fun in the Caribbean: America and Empire in Children’s Series

Garg, Shweta Rao - The English Paradigm in India, ebook

The English Paradigm in India

Garg, Shweta Rao


Comparative Literature in India in the Twenty-first Century
Avadhesh Kumar Singh
3. Confronting the Canon Contrapuntally: The Example of Edward Said
Fakrul Alam
4. Debating, Challenging or Accepting Patriarchy? Assessing Indian Women’s Role in Society

Brezault, Éloïse - Memory as Colonial Capital, ebook

Memory as Colonial Capital

Brezault, Éloïse


Memory, Orality, and Nation-Building in Patrice Nganang’s La saison des prunes
Nathalie Carré
7. History, Testimony and Postmemory: The Algerias of Pauline Roland and Assia Djebar
Judith DeGroat
8. On Exactitude

Payzant, Tom - Urban School Leadership, ebook

Urban School Leadership

Payzant, Tom


The book covers topics such as improving student achievement, working with unions, building community, and maintaining and developing resources. Most importantly, it offers stories of real school leaders whose successes and missteps reveal the inherent "messiness"