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Finch, Alison - French Literature: A Cultural History, ebook

French Literature: A Cultural History

Finch, Alison


This book is the first to offer a cultural history of French literature from its very beginnings, analysing the relationship between French literature and France’s evolving power structures from the Middle Ages through to the present day. It shows

Bell, Lenore - The “Other” In 9/11 Literature, ebook

The “Other” In 9/11 Literature

Bell, Lenore


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Fiction’s First Responders
Lenore Bell
2. An American Breed: Wealthy White Protagonists
Lenore Bell
3. Fighting the Need to be Normal: Terrorists and other Muslim Characters
Lenore Bell

Levander, Caroline F. - Where is American Literature, ebook

Where is American Literature

Levander, Caroline F.


Where is American Literature? offers a spirited and compelling argument for rethinking the way we view American literature in relation to the nation while powerfully demonstrating why it continues to matter in a global age. A refreshing and accessible

Lansdown, Richard - The autonomy of literature, ebook

The autonomy of literature

Lansdown, Richard


In the aftermath of the theory wars, the imaginative, formal, and moral features of literature have been substantially marginalized, downgraded, and neglected. Yet for many readers such elements will always be central to the experience of reading, just as for writers they are central to

Bonfiglio, Thomas Paul - Why is English Literature?, ebook

Why is English Literature?

Bonfiglio, Thomas Paul


Table of contents
Part I. English and the Languages
1. Can Spanish Count As an English Course?
Thomas Paul Bonfiglio
2. A Tropology of Letters
Thomas Paul Bonfiglio
Part II. From ars liber to Modern Literatures
3. The Lost Continent:…

Moore, Bryan L. - Ecology and Literature, ebook

Ecology and Literature

Moore, Bryan L.


Table of contents
1. Personification in Practice and Theory
Bryan L. Moore
2. Anthropocentric and Ecological Anthropomorphism Through Western History
Bryan L. Moore
3. Anthropomorphic Subversion in American Literature
Bryan L.…

Middeke, Martin - The Literature of Melancholia, ebook

The Literature of Melancholia

Middeke, Martin


Table of contents
1. Melancholia as a Sense of Loss: An Introduction
1. Melancholia as a Sense of Loss: An Introduction
Martin Middeke, Christina Wald
Part I. The Melancholic Tradition, Creativity and Gender: Early Modern to Eighteenth Century

Frank, Søren - Migration and Literature, ebook

Migration and Literature

Frank, Søren


Table of contents
1. Prolegomena: Toward a Literature of Migration
Søren Frank
2. Günter Grass
Søren Frank
3. Milan Kundera
Søren Frank
4. Salman Rushdie
Søren Frank
5. Jan Kjærstad
Søren Frank
6. Epilegomena: Literary Studies and the Canon
Søren Frank

Jarrett, Gene Andrew - A Companion to African American Literature, ebook

A Companion to African American Literature

Jarrett, Gene Andrew


Through a series of essays that explore the forms, themes, genres, historical contexts, major authors, and latest critical approaches, A Companion to African American Literature presents a comprehensive chronological overview of African American literature