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Minsky, Rosalind - Psychoanalysis and Culture: Contemporary States of Mind, ebook

Psychoanalysis and Culture: Contemporary States of Mind

Minsky, Rosalind

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Written in a readable, accessible style, with plenty of up-to-date examples Psychoanalysis and Culture provides a brilliant introduction to key issues in the area of application of psychoanalytic theories to culture. The author argues that we cannot grasp the complexity of contemporary global

Rivkin, Julie - Literary Theory: An Anthology, ebook

Literary Theory: An Anthology

Rivkin, Julie


The new edition of this bestselling literary theory anthology has been thoroughly updated to include influential texts from innovative new areas, including disability studies, eco-criticism, and ethics. Covers all the major schools and methods that make up the dynamic field of literary

Marcus, Laura - A Concise Companion to Psychoanalysis, Literature, and Culture, ebook

A Concise Companion to Psychoanalysis, Literature, and Culture

Marcus, Laura


This concise companion explores the history of psychoanalytic theory and its impact on contemporary literary criticism by tracing its movement across disciplinary and cultural boundaries.Contains original essays by leading scholars, using a wide range of cultural and historical approachesDiscusses

Wiel, Reina C. - Literary Aesthetics of Trauma, ebook

Literary Aesthetics of Trauma

Wiel, Reina C.


Introduction: Trauma, Psychoanalysis, Literary Form
Reina C. Wiel
2. Writing the Body: Trauma, Woolf, Winterson
Reina C. Wiel
3. Symbolization, Thinking and Working-Through: British Object Relations Theory

Todd, Janet - Feminist Literary History, ebook

Feminist Literary History

Todd, Janet


In this timely book Janet Todd offers an analysis and defence of the feminist literary history practised by Elaine Showalter and other contemporary American literary critics. She argues that this approach rightly links the political concerns of feminist

Nobus, Dany - The Law of Desire, ebook

The Law of Desire

Nobus, Dany


Table of contents
1. A New Ethical System
Dany Nobus
2. Lacan Reads Kant
Dany Nobus
3. Sade’s Kantian Maxim
Dany Nobus
4. Regarding the Pain of Others
Dany Nobus
5. Ineluctable Libertine Pleasures
Dany Nobus

Pitcher, John A. - Chaucer’s Feminine Subjects, ebook

Chaucer’s Feminine Subjects

Pitcher, John A.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Chaucer’s Feminine Subjects: Feminism, Deconstruction, Psychoanalysis
John A. Pitcher
2. Figures of Desire in The Wife of Bath’s Prologue and Tale
John A. Pitcher
3. The Rhetoric of Desire in The…