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Eagleton, Terry - Literary Theory: An Introduction, ebook

Literary Theory: An Introduction

Eagleton, Terry


A quarter of a century on from its original publication, Literary Theory: An Introduction still conjures the subversion, excitement and exoticism that characterized theory through the 1960s and 70s, when it posed an unprecedented challenge to the literary

Ryan, Michael - Literary Theory: A Practical Introduction, ebook

Literary Theory: A Practical Introduction

Ryan, Michael


Now in its Third Edition, Literary Theory: A Practical Introduction presents a comprehensive introduction to the full range of contemporary approaches to the study of literature and culture, from formalism, structuralism, and historicism to ethnic, gender, and science studies. This edition

Castle, Gregory - The Literary Theory Handbook, ebook

The Literary Theory Handbook

Castle, Gregory


The Literary Theory Handbook introduces students to the history and scope of literary theory, showing them how to perform literary analysis, and providing a greater understanding of the historical contexts for different

Cockin, Katharine - The Literary North, ebook

The Literary North

Cockin, Katharine


‘By the People, for the People’: The Literary North and the Local Press 1880–1914
Jan Hewitt
4. The Sublime and Satanic North: The Potteries in George Moore’s A Mummer’s Wife (1885) and Arnold Bennett’s Anna of the Five Towns (1902)
Ann Heilmann

Sutherland, John - Stephen Spender : A Literary Life, ebook

Stephen Spender : A Literary Life

Sutherland, John


One of the leading poets and cultural icons of the 20th century, Stephen Spender was a prominent writer, literary critic, and social commentator--and close friend of some of the best-know creative talents of his day. Now, in this penetrating biography, John Sutherland paints a vivid portrait