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Ge, Zhibing - Transflective Liquid Crystal Displays, ebook

Transflective Liquid Crystal Displays

Ge, Zhibing


Sunlight readable transflective liquid crystal displays, used on devices from cell phones and portable media players, to GPS and even some desktop monitors, have become indispensable in our day-to-day lives.

Cheng, I-Chun - Introduction to Flat Panel Displays, ebook

Introduction to Flat Panel Displays

Cheng, I-Chun


Introduction to Flat Panel Displays describes the fundamental physics and materials of major flat panel display technologies including LED, OLED, LCD, PDP and FED and reflective displays. A reference for graduate students and new entrants to the display

Koden, Mitsuhiro - OLED Displays and Lighting, ebook

OLED Displays and Lighting

Koden, Mitsuhiro


OLEDs can provide brighter, crisper displays on electronic devices and use less power than conventional light-emitting diodes (LEDs) or liquid crystal displays

Wu, Shin-Tson - Fundamentals of Liquid Crystal Devices, ebook

Fundamentals of Liquid Crystal Devices

Wu, Shin-Tson


Liquid Crystal Devices are crucial and ubiquitous components of an ever-increasing number of technologies. They are used in everything from cellular phones, eBook readers, GPS devices, computer monitors and automotive displays

Demus, Dietrich - Handbook of Liquid Crystals, ebook

Handbook of Liquid Crystals

Demus, Dietrich


The Handbook of Liquid Crystals is a unique compendium of knowledge on all aspects of liquid crystals. In over 2000 pages the Handbook provides detailed information on the basic