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McLernon, Brian - Lighting Digital Field Guide, ebook

Lighting Digital Field Guide

McLernon, Brian


Essential lighting guide for users of compact cameras and dSLRs
One of the most important aspects of photography is lighting, but getting the lighting right is tricky.  When should you use flash? Are a

Fletcher, Dirk - Digital Photography Lighting For Dummies, ebook

Digital Photography Lighting For Dummies

Fletcher, Dirk


Improve your lighting technique to produce better quality photographs
Digital Photography Lighting For Dummies features the tools, concepts, and steps you need to give your subjects a high-quality look and feel. Everyone from advanced beginners to

Lanier, Lee - Advanced Maya Texturing and Lighting, ebook

Advanced Maya Texturing and Lighting

Lanier, Lee


Level up your skills with powerful texturing and lighting techniques
Advanced Maya Texturing and Lighting, Third Edition leads you through the latest advanced techniques for adding realistic detail to your models. This new edition is up-to-date with

Clark, Thomas - Digital Photography Composition For Dummies, ebook

Digital Photography Composition For Dummies

Clark, Thomas


Digital Photography Composition For Dummies helps emerging photographers create stunning and compelling photographs by teaching the elements, techniques, and conventions used by skilled and successful photographers. It helps advanced beginner to aspiring professional

Thomas, J. Dennis - Nikon D5300 Digital Field Guide, ebook

Nikon D5300 Digital Field Guide

Thomas, J. Dennis


The guide goes beyond camera settings, offering you a refresher course in digital photography principles, and covering the essentials of lighting, composition, and exposure. This perfectly sized field guide features: Compact size, allowing photographers to carry it

Sammon, Rick - Rick Sammon's Digital Photography Secrets, ebook

Rick Sammon's Digital Photography Secrets

Sammon, Rick

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Learn the tips and tricks used by a top photographer in the digital photography industry in Rick Sammon's Top Digital Photography Secrets. Filled with beautiful photographs and the techniques Rick Sammon used to capture them, this book offers you motivation