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Kirsi, Tapio - Age Management during the Life Course, ebook

Age Management during the Life Course

Kirsi, Tapio


The topic of work ability is more important than ever before due to increasing demands on work life and due to the attempts to extend the work life at both the beginning and the end of the work career. Work ability is primarily a question of a balance

Bernardi, Laura - Lone Parenthood in the Life Course, ebook

Lone Parenthood in the Life Course

Bernardi, Laura


Lone Young Parenthood by Choice? Life Stories in Great Britain
Fabienne Portier-Le Cocq
5. Variety of Transitions into Lone Parenthood
Laura Bernardi, Ornella Larenza
Part II. Demographics of Lone Parents
6. Are Lone Mothers Also Lonely Mothers?

Pinnelli, Antonella - Genders in the Life Course, ebook

Genders in the Life Course

Pinnelli, Antonella


Table of contents
1. The gender system in developed countries: macro and micro evidence
Paola Di Giulio, Antonella Pinnelli
2. Age at first sexual intercourse
Lucia Coppola
3. The formation of the first partnership:the role of education and employment
Roberto Impicciatore, Rosella Rettaroli
4. Ideational