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Pabst, Adrian - The Demons of Liberal Democracy, ebook

The Demons of Liberal Democracy

Pabst, Adrian


Liberals blame the global retreat of liberal democracy on globalisation and authoritarian leaders. Only liberalism, so they assume, can defend democratic rule against multinationals or populists at home and abroad.

Strandbrink, Peter - Civic Education and Liberal Democracy, ebook

Civic Education and Liberal Democracy

Strandbrink, Peter


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Peter Strandbrink
2. Civic Education and Liberal Democracy
Peter Strandbrink
3. Cultural Pluralism and Social Cohesion
Peter Strandbrink
4. Cosmopolitanism, Parochialism, and Interculturality
Peter Strandbrink
5. Tolerance and Neutrality in Civic and Religious

Femia, Joseph - Political Leadership in Liberal and Democratic Theory, ebook

Political Leadership in Liberal and Democratic Theory

Femia, Joseph


The working hypothesis of this book is that the issue of leadership is neglected by mainstream democratic and liberal theories. This deficiency has especially become evident in the last three or four decades, which have witnessed a revival of deontological liberalism and radical theories

Peucker, Mario - Muslim Citizenship in Liberal Democracies, ebook

Muslim Citizenship in Liberal Democracies

Peucker, Mario


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Mario Peucker
2. What Is Active Citizenship?
Mario Peucker
3. Methodology: Exploring Muslims’ Civic and Political Participation
Mario Peucker
4. Muslims in Australia and Germany: Demographics,…

Kotzé, Hennie - Liberal Democracy and Peace in South Africa, ebook

Liberal Democracy and Peace in South Africa

Kotzé, Hennie


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Pierre Toit, Hennie Kotzé
2. Democratization, Liberalization, and Pacification
Pierre Toit, Hennie Kotzé
3. The State as Guardian?
Pierre Toit, Hennie Kotzé
4. Society in Transition: An Overview

Phillips, Anne - Engendering Democracy, ebook

Engendering Democracy

Phillips, Anne


Democracy is the central political issue of our age, yet debates over its nature and goals rarely engage with feminist concerns. Now that women have the right to vote, they are thought to present no special problems of their own. But despite the seemingly gender-neutral categories of individual