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Moss, Gloria - Lessons on Profiting from Diversity, ebook

Lessons on Profiting from Diversity

Moss, Gloria


Table of contents
1. Lessons on Profiting from Diversity
1. Lessons on Profiting from Diversity
Gloria Moss
Section A. Diversity in Context
2. Diversity and Web Design
Gloria Moss
Section B. Segmenting Diversity
3. Digital Communications and Older Groups: An Anglo-French Comparison
Hilary Mullen,

Jallow, Baba G. - Leadership in Postcolonial Africa, ebook

Leadership in Postcolonial Africa

Jallow, Baba G.


“I Will Be a Hummingbird”: Lessons in Radical Transformative Leadership from Professor Wangari Maathai
Faith Wambura Ngunjiri
7. Nelson Mandela: Personal Characteristics and Reconciliation-Oriented Leadership
Daniel Lieberfeld
8. Patriarchy, Power