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Brockington, Dan - Capitalism and Conservation, ebook

Capitalism and Conservation

Brockington, Dan


Features innovative new research on case studies on the connections between capitalism and conservation drawn from all over the worldExamines some of our most popular leisure pursuits and consumption habits to uncover the ways

Robinson, Joe - Don't Miss Your Life: Find More Joy and Fulfillment Now, ebook

Don't Miss Your Life: Find More Joy and Fulfillment Now

Robinson, Joe


The key is to develop a skill set that you probably never knew existed: leisure skills. As Joe Robinson explains, these are the aptitudes and attitudes—the life intelligence—that will lead you to the fun and passions that make life most worth living. Drawing

Dennis, Alex - Sociologies of Interaction, ebook

Sociologies of Interaction

Dennis, Alex


We make our way down the street and avoid crashing into others, take our place in the supermarket queue, take care in the way we talk about others in conversation, acknowledge the social status of people we meet, and enjoy leisurely pursuits in the company of friends

, Pliny the Younger - Complete Letters, ebook

Complete Letters

, Pliny the Younger


He describes in vivid detail the eruption of Vesuvius which killed his uncle, and the daily routines of a well-to-do Roman in the courts, and at leisure, enjoying rural pursuits at his country estates. In the introduction to his