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Potter, Pitman - China's Legal System, ebook

China's Legal System

Potter, Pitman


As a key element of governance in the PRC today, China’s legal system affects not only domestic affairs but also China’s engagement with the world. But can a credible legal system

Larouche, Pierre - National Legal Systems and Globalization, ebook

National Legal Systems and Globalization

Larouche, Pierre


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Pierre Larouche, Péter Cserne
2. Convergence and Divergence, in Law and Economics and Comparative Law
Filomena Chirico, Pierre Larouche
3. The Draft Common Frame of Reference (DCFR): A Giant with Feet of Clay
Filomena Chirico, Eric Damme, Pierre Larouche
4. The Recodification

Feteris, Eveline T. - Fundamentals of Legal Argumentation, ebook

Fundamentals of Legal Argumentation

Feteris, Eveline T.


Peczenik’s Theory of Legal Transformations and Legal Justification
Eveline T. Feteris
10. The Pragma-Dialectical Approach of Legal Argumentation
Eveline T. Feteris
11. A Survey of Approaches and Studies of Legal

Feng, Chuan - China’s Changing Legal System, ebook

China’s Changing Legal System

Feng, Chuan


Judiciary: System, Issues, and Alternatives
Chuan Feng, Leyton P. Nelson, Thomas W. Simon
Part II. Private Law
4. Civil Procedure
Chuan Feng, Leyton P. Nelson, Thomas W. Simon
5. Family Law and Torts: Personal Relationships and Personal Injury

Casellas, Núria - Legal Ontology Engineering, ebook

Legal Ontology Engineering

Casellas, Núria


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Núria Casellas
2. On Ontologies
Núria Casellas
3. Methodologies, Tools and Languages for Ontology Design
Núria Casellas
4. Legal Ontologies
Núria Casellas
5. Modelling Judicial Professional Knowledge: A Case Study
Núria Casellas
6. Some Final Remarks

Caenegem, William van - The Internationalisation of Legal Education, ebook

The Internationalisation of Legal Education

Caenegem, William van


The Internationalisation of Legal Education: General Report for the Vienna Congress of the International Academy of Comparative Law, 20–26 July 2014
Christophe Jamin, William Caenegem
Part II. National Reports
2. Internationalisation, Globalisation and