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Leather and Rubber

Leather and Rubber

Horne, Leo


There stood his neighbour's wife - wrapped up in fur!" - Fur, by Lars, Akershus "The leather suit is quite tight and transfers a lot of the movements from the motorbike into the body and helps conceal any bodily reactions." - Getting Sticky, by HiRider "He prizes

Leather, Drusilla - Thunder's Slaves, ebook

Thunder's Slaves

Leather, Drusilla


Max Cavendish thinks his brother Jonathan's archaeological expeditions are pointless and boring - until he realises the latest one will give him a chance to get his hands on Jonathan's gorgeous, submissive girlfriend, Justine. Together with a beautiful…

Leather, Simon R. - Insect Sampling in Forest Ecosystems, ebook

Insect Sampling in Forest Ecosystems

Leather, Simon R.


Insect Sampling in Forest Ecosystems highlights the problems faced by entomologists working in forest ecosystems.
Insects play a major part in all aspects of ecology
Brings together the methodology needed to investigate insects through the various…

Gabriel, Reese - Caralissa's Conquest, ebook

Caralissa's Conquest

Gabriel, Reese


Queen Caralissa has hair of red and nerves of steel, but when a powerful enemy captures her, she soon learns what it is to submit. The barbarian warlord Varik makes Caralissa his slave, and to her horror she finds herself yielding to his training, becoming…

Gabriel, Reese - Dream Captive, ebook

Dream Captive

Gabriel, Reese


The lovely nymph Tesra has spent her entire life on the Isle of Dreams, where no man has ever set foot. As a seer, Tesra is given to visions more valuable than gold, but when the daring pirate captain Marcellus steals her from her bath one morning, she…

Antarakis, Krys - Ruth Restrained, ebook

Ruth Restrained

Antarakis, Krys


When conventional career girl Ruth Parrish meets a long lost friend, her life is turned upside down. The chance encounter revives Ruth's latent sexual urges, ripping away her inhibitions. Entering an unsuspected world of debauchery, exposed to an alluring…

Hazel, C. P. - Sashay, ebook


Hazel, C. P.


Mystery, Masochism and the murky world of modelling! Dark-haired Natasha and her friend Kiki leave art college in Scotland and head to London for some excitement. Natasha's Slavic looks lead to an offer from a modelling 'Academy'. Seduced by glamour she…

Beaufort, Roxane - Savage Bonds, ebook

Savage Bonds

Beaufort, Roxane


An account of the erotic adventures of Varna, heiress to the kingdom of Trokles, in the time of myths and magic. She is beautiful and spirited - and a virgin. When her father is killed in battle she is captured by the warlike hordes of Valdivia. Their…

Masterton, Bob - To Be a Slave, ebook

To Be a Slave

Masterton, Bob


Peter and his wife, Jane, both serving police officers in this world, have time-slipped into another dimension; into a world where there is no crime apart from what is considered to be a ‘forbidden’ sexuality and where only beautiful, honed bodies…