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Holmes, Jeffrey D. - Great Myths of Education and Learning, ebook

Great Myths of Education and Learning

Holmes, Jeffrey D.


Great Myths of Education and Learning reviews the scientific research on a number of widely-held misconceptions pertaining to learning and education, from interventions designed to enhance intelligence in infants to strategies used in higher education.

Cress, Ulrike - The Psychology of Digital Learning, ebook

The Psychology of Digital Learning

Cress, Ulrike


Learning from Multimedia: Cognitive Processes and Instructional Support
Katharina Scheiter, Anne Schüler, Alexander Eitel
2. The Physiology of Numerical Learning: From Neural Correlates to Embodied Trainings

Dehn, Milton J. - Essentials of Processing Assessment, ebook

Essentials of Processing Assessment

Dehn, Milton J.


Fully updated and revised with the latest research findings and tests on brain-based assessment interventions, this unparalleled resource provides step-by-step guidelines for organizing a processing assessment, selecting appropriate instruments, interpreting results, and identifying

Batanero, Carmen - Teaching and Learning Stochastics, ebook

Teaching and Learning Stochastics

Batanero, Carmen


Students’ Reflections About a Course for Learning Inferential Reasoning Via Simulations
Susanne Podworny
20. Prospective Teachers’ Probabilistic Reasoning in the Context of Sampling
Emilse Gómez-Torres, Carmen Díaz, José Miguel Contreras, Juan Jesús

Boschloo, Annemarie - Explorations in Learning and the Brain, ebook

Explorations in Learning and the Brain

Boschloo, Annemarie


Table of contents
2. Introduction
Ton Jong
3. Learning Principles
Ton Jong
4. Affective Processes in Learning
Ton Jong
5. (Second) Language Learning and Literacy
Ton Jong
6. Numeracy and Mathematics Learning
Ton Jong
7. Learning Problems
Ton Jong
8. Issues from Neuroscience

Adali, Tülay - Adaptive Signal Processing: Next Generation Solutions, ebook

Adaptive Signal Processing: Next Generation Solutions

Adali, Tülay


Leading experts present the latest research results in adaptive signal processing
Recent developments in signal processing have made it clear that significant performance gains can be achieved beyond those achievable using standard adaptive filtering approaches. Adaptive Signal

Lowe, Richard - Learning from Dynamic Visualization, ebook

Learning from Dynamic Visualization

Lowe, Richard


Dynamic Visuospatial Ability and Learning from Dynamic Visualizations
Christopher A. Sanchez, Jennifer Wiley
8. Demonstration Tasks for Assessment
Richard Lowe, Jean-Michel Boucheix, Benjamin Fillisch
9. Assessing Science Inquiry and Reasoning Using