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Neuman, Delia - Learning in Information-Rich Environments, ebook

Learning in Information-Rich Environments

Neuman, Delia


Information-Rich Environments: Single-Sense, Multisensory, and Interactive
Delia Neuman
3. Information and Communication Technologies: The Penultimate Interactive Information-Rich Environment
Delia Neuman
4. Today’s Learners and Learning

Frolish, Andrew - Environment Poetry, ebook

Environment Poetry

Frolish, Andrew


The book contains 24 lessons with cross-curricular links to support learning in other subject areas. Their interest coincides with the need for schools to raise awareness of environmental concerns and to become more sustainable organisations.

Zhu, Jiani - Chinese Overseas Students and Intercultural Learning Environments, ebook

Chinese Overseas Students and Intercultural Learning Environments

Zhu, Jiani


Table of contents
1. An Introduction to International Chinese Students
Jiani Zhu
2. Review of Literature on International Chinese Students
Jiani Zhu
3. An Unprepared Academic Journey: Pre-departure Adjustment
Jiani Zhu
4. A Hard Landing: Beginning the Study Abroad
Jiani Zhu
5. The Battle Continues:

Boshyk, Yury - Action Learning Worldwide, ebook

Action Learning Worldwide

Boshyk, Yury


Action Learning Worldwide Experiences of Leadership and Organizational Development For the first time in one volume, the leading proponents and practitioners of action learning define their approach, and describe how action learning

Toivola, Marika - Flipped Learning in Finland, ebook

Flipped Learning in Finland

Toivola, Marika


The new book Flipped Learning in Finland provides an introduction to the concepts, theoretic background and practical implementation of flipped learning.
The Finnish school system is characterised by a powerful myth of how learning at school takes