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Ellsworth, Belinda - Direct Selling For Dummies, ebook

Direct Selling For Dummies

Ellsworth, Belinda


Become a direct sales success story with this insider guide to making it big
Direct Selling For Dummies is the perfect resource for anyone involved or interested in direct sales.

Blohm, Judith - The NASAGA Training Activity Book, ebook

The NASAGA Training Activity Book

Blohm, Judith


With contributions from experts in the field, this important volume includes fifty ready-to-use activities spanning a variety of training topics: communication, conflict management, creativity, team-building, decision-making, problem-solving, customer service, and sales and marketing. Each

Petruzzellis, Luca - Rediscovering the Essentiality of Marketing, ebook

Rediscovering the Essentiality of Marketing

Petruzzellis, Luca


Gender and Similarity: Match or Mismatch—When Is B2B Sales Performance Better?
Ozan Peneklioglu, Ayse Banu Elmadag Bas
8. The Effect of Brands in B2B Purchasing Decisions
Marc Kuhn, Vanessa Reit
9. Factors Determining Channel Selection in the German