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Chiu, Thomas K.F. - Mobile Learning Design, ebook

Mobile Learning Design

Chiu, Thomas K.F.


Framework for Designing Mobile Learning Environments
Daniel Churchill, Bob Fox, Mark King
2. Conceptualising Authentic Mobile Learning
Kevin Burden, Matthew Kearney
3. Mobile Social Media: Redefining Professional Development and Collaborative Scholarship

Davis, Torria - Visual Design for Online Learning, ebook

Visual Design for Online Learning

Davis, Torria


Update the visual design of your course in pedagogically sound ways
Visual Design for Online Learning spotlights the role that visual elements play in the online learning environment. Written for both new and

Conole, Gráinne - Designing for Learning in an Open World, ebook

Designing for Learning in an Open World

Conole, Gráinne


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Gráinne Conole
2. Theory and Methodology: The Interdisciplinary Nature of the Field
Gráinne Conole
3. Related Research Fields
Gráinne Conole
4. Open, Social and Participatory Media
Gráinne Conole
5. Mediating Artefacts
Gráinne Conole
6. Affordances

Koper, Rob - Learning Design, ebook

Learning Design

Koper, Rob


The Learning Design Specification
Bill Olivier, Colin Tattersall
3. Architectures to Support Authoring and Content Management with Learning Design
Scott Wilson
4. An Architecture for the Delivery of E-learning Courses