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Shenk, Linda - Learned Queen, ebook

Learned Queen

Shenk, Linda


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Linda Shenk
2. Queen Solomon: Elizabeth I in Christian Prayers and Meditations (1569)
Linda Shenk
3. A Wise Elizabeth and Her Devoted Diplomats: Sidney’S the Lady of May and Anglo-Dutch Relations

Schmerler, Susan - Lessons Learned, ebook

Lessons Learned

Schmerler, Susan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Susan Schmerler
2. Sources of Liability
Susan Schmerler
3. Duty as an Element of a Lawsuit:
Susan Schmerler
4. Duty as an Element of a Lawsuit:
Susan Schmerler
5. Duty as an Element…

Onishi, Yasuo - Chernobyl – What Have We Learned?, ebook

Chernobyl – What Have We Learned?

Onishi, Yasuo


Table of contents
1. Soviet-Built Nuclear Plants and Their Safety
Yasuo Onishi, Oleg V. Voitsekhovich, Mark J. Zheleznyak
2. The Chernobyl Accident and Its Aquatic Impacts on the Surrounding Area
Oleg V. Voitsekhovich, Vladimir Kanivets,…

Kontar, Y.A. - Tsunami Events and Lessons Learned, ebook

Tsunami Events and Lessons Learned

Kontar, Y.A.


2004 Tsunami in Southern Thailand, Lessons Learned for the Thai Communities
Passakorn Pananont, Raykha Srisomboon
24. Understanding Challenges at the “Last-Mile” in Developing an Effective Risk Communication to Reduce People’s Vulnerability in Context