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Abram, Carolyn - Facebook For Dummies, ebook

Facebook For Dummies

Abram, Carolyn


You will also learn how to use the new messaging system that serves as a hub for on-site messages and outside messaging, including e-mail.This book has been fully updated to help new users take full advantage of everything Facebook

McFedries, Paul - The Facebook Guide For People Over 50, ebook

The Facebook Guide For People Over 50

McFedries, Paul


The Facebook guide for people over 50
People over 50 are the fastest-growing segment of the Facebook population, and they have some unique interests and concerns. This one-of-a-kind guide addresses issues of specific interest to older generations,…

Harvell, Ben - Teach Yourself VISUALLY Facebook, ebook

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Facebook

Harvell, Ben


Your easy access portal to learning the ins and outs of Facebook the visual way
At your fingertips, this easy-to-use guide offers visually rich, step-by-step instructions that show how to get the most enjoyment from Facebook. Discover the latest Facebook

Collier, Marsha - AARP Facebook: Tech to Connect, ebook

AARP Facebook: Tech to Connect

Collier, Marsha


Connect with old friends and make some new ones with Facebook and this one-of-a-kind reference
AARPFacebook: Tech to Connect is packed with examples and guidance to familiarize you with Facebook and all it has to offer. People over 55 are among Facebook's…

Dunay, Paul - Facebook Marketing For Dummies, ebook

Facebook Marketing For Dummies

Dunay, Paul


Boasts new and updated content for developing a successful Facebook marketing campaign Addresses ways to use tools such as events, contests, and polls to promote your page Helps you understand the psychology of the Facebook userExplains how to integrate your Facebook

Carr, Kelby - Social Media Marketing For Dummies eBook Set, ebook

Social Media Marketing For Dummies eBook Set

Carr, Kelby


Including a comprehensive table of contents and the full text of each book, complete with cover, this e-book mega-bundle helps you learn to use Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest to enhance your marketing efforts. Best of all, you'll

Khare, Phyllis - Facebook Marketing All-in-One For Dummies, ebook

Facebook Marketing All-in-One For Dummies

Khare, Phyllis


This detailed resource not only reveals how to create successful Facebook marketing strategies, it also shows you how to incorporate and use the entire social network to its full potential. Covers the tools, techniques, and apps you need to know to create successful

Gyger, Brad - Professional Heroku Programming: An Architect's Guide, ebook

Professional Heroku Programming: An Architect's Guide

Gyger, Brad


Features information not found anywhere else, as both authors work for HerokuExplains the inner workings of Heroku with special emphasis placed on building web and mobile applicationsIntroduces GIT-based development workflow and the process model within the Heroku platformDetails coding, building, deploying,

Stay, Jesse - Google+ For Dummies, ebook

Google+ For Dummies

Stay, Jesse


Early fans claim it's easier to use than Facebook and Twitter and has a wealth of creative new features. If you want to learn how to navigate this new social neighborhood, take along Google+ For Dummies as your guide. Early Google+

Majure, Janet - Teach Yourself VISUALLY Pinterest, ebook

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Pinterest

Majure, Janet


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Interest in Pinterest is soaring and, if you haven't yet used this fun social networking site, this Teach Yourself VISUALLY Pinterest book can help. Using clear, step-by-step tasks with plenty of visuals