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Kalb, Irv - Learn to Program with Python, ebook

Learn to Program with Python

Kalb, Irv


Table of contents
1. Getting Started
Irv Kalb
2. Variables and Assignment Statements
Irv Kalb
3. Built-in Functions
Irv Kalb
4. User-Defined Functions
Irv Kalb
5. if, else, and elif Statements
Irv Kalb
6. Loops

Put, Peter van de - Professional iOS Programming, ebook

Professional iOS Programming

Put, Peter van de


Hands-on guidance for programming the next generation of iOS apps
If you want to create advanced level iOS apps that get noticed in the App Store, start with this expert book. Written by an international software developer and consultant who has delivered winning solutions for clients

Prussakov, Evgenii - Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day, ebook

Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day

Prussakov, Evgenii


Affiliate marketing is hot; here's how to get your program going
Nearly every retailer in the Internet Retailers' Top 500 has an affiliate marketing program. Now free affiliate networks, automation software, and pay-for-performance compensation models are making it easy for small businesses

Gyger, Brad - Professional Heroku Programming: An Architect's Guide, ebook

Professional Heroku Programming: An Architect's Guide

Gyger, Brad


Features information not found anywhere else, as both authors work for HerokuExplains the inner workings of Heroku with special emphasis placed on building web and mobile applicationsIntroduces GIT-based development workflow and the process model within the Heroku platformDetails coding, building, deploying,

Gookin, Dan - Beginning Programming with C For Dummies, ebook

Beginning Programming with C For Dummies

Gookin, Dan


Learn the basics of programming with C with this fun and friendly guide!
As the basis of all programming languages, C offers a reliable, strong foundation for programming and serves as a steppingstone upon which