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Adair, John - The Concise Adair on Leadership, ebook

The Concise Adair on Leadership

Adair, John


The concise Adair on leadership encapsulates his writing on how to develop your own leadership potential, to motivate your colleagues and to build a creative and high-performing team. Contents include 1 Managing time 2

Cole, Kris - Leadership For Dummies, ebook

Leadership For Dummies

Cole, Kris


Created especially for the Australian customer!

Improve your leadership skills and bring out the best in the people you lead
People may join organisations, but they stay because of good leaders. Find out how inspiring and bringing out the best in the people you lead

Berke, David - Developing Leadership Talent, ebook

Developing Leadership Talent

Berke, David

From 51,60€

Based on the popular Developing Leadership Talent program offered by the acclaimed Center for Creative Leadership, this important resource offers a nuts-and-bolts framework for putting in place a leadership development