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Kaltenecker, Siegfried - Kanban Change Leadership, ebook

Kanban Change Leadership

Kaltenecker, Siegfried


Explains how and why Kanban offers a new approach to change in 21st Century businesses

This book provides an understanding of what is necessary to properly understand change management with Kanban as well as how to apply it optimally in

March, James - On Leadership, ebook

On Leadership

March, James


Uses great works of literature to explore the problems of leadership, for example War and Peace, Othello, and Don Quixote.
Presents moral dilemmas related to leadership, for example the balance between private life and public

Collins, Jim - Hesselbein on Leadership, ebook

Hesselbein on Leadership

Collins, Jim


Now, for the first time, Frances Hesselbein has collected her most incisive and stirring writings on the topic of leadership in one compelling book. The book affirms Hesselbein's specific leadership principles that will give readers