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Salacuse, Jeswald W. - Real Leaders Negotiate!, ebook

Real Leaders Negotiate!

Salacuse, Jeswald W.


Table of contents
1. Leadership and Negotiation — Dichotomies and Definitions
Jeswald W. Salacuse
Part I. Leadership Acquisition: Negotiating the Roads to Leadership
2. Negotiating Leadership Positions
Jeswald W. Salacuse
3. Negotiating…

Secretan, Lance - Inspire! What Great Leaders Do, ebook

Inspire! What Great Leaders Do

Secretan, Lance


A top business consultant and speaker lights the path to a positive, productive work environment
What do the best leaders do to achieve greatness in the modern workplace that is muddled by fear, pressure for productivity, overwork? Inspire! offers

Gosling, Jonathan - Fictional Leaders, ebook

Fictional Leaders

Gosling, Jonathan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jonathan Gosling, Peter Villiers
2. Xenophon and the Pursuit of Willing Obedience by Cyrus the Great
Lynette Mitchell
3. Sharing the Secret: Joseph Conrad on Leadership at Sea
Peter Villiers

Ginneken, Jaap van - The Profile of Political Leaders, ebook

The Profile of Political Leaders

Ginneken, Jaap van


Table of contents
1. First Impressions of Leaders
Jaap Ginneken
2. Height & Posture
Jaap Ginneken
3. Name & Destiny
Jaap Ginneken
4. Limbs & Gestures
Jaap Ginneken
5. Personality & Traits
Jaap Ginneken
6. Face & Expressions
Jaap Ginneken
7. Style & Demeanour